[Stupid Blog Name]

hi! im chloe... 15 from huddersfield.....

About Me!

Bonjourno people of Earth, Space and BEYOND!

My name’s Chloé, yes my parents were pretentious enough to actually put the accent on my birth certificate on the 29th of April 1996, as they thought it was extremely appropriate to give a completely french name to a British kid.. I know, I thought it was stupid too…

In case you haven’t already noticed I am, what I like to call, a brainless nerd… meaning I actually read for pleasure and get excited about book series being created as movies but actually have absolutely no smartness in me in any way shape or form. 

(me with my redvines :D )

Anything Harry Potter related… you’ll find something about it somewhere in my blog…I love Harry Potter! If you don’t fair enough but I don’t think my blogs for you. My love for Harry Pottery things led to an obsessionwith a certain American based theatre company called Starkid. If your not familiar with their work I think you better get your butts over to YouTube double time or google this bitch ;) 

Other things that may occasionally pop up on my blog include; Glee, especially things to do with Klaine… ugh they’re so cute! Misfits.. even though its completely different to everything else I still feel the need to show my love for it. Possibly the odd Doctor Who reference as Matt Smith is a total babe! Oh and any fit guy who just so happens to catch my eye on the world wide web will probably make an appearance on here too! 

Other than being locked in my room in front of a computer (like the brainless nerd I am) I also love my friends to pieces… mainly because all of them are as mental as me! And lets face there’s nothing more fun than pissing around in front of a camera taking ultra posey photos in the changing rooms of topshop… or in your bedroom… or on a coach… or just anywhere in general…

(on a coach)

(both in topshop)


As you can see I can ramble on and on for England so I’m gonna cut it short here.. But if you have anything else you want to know please feel free to ask! :D